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We are beyond thankful for Dr. Ledbetter and all Spinal Decompression Clinic Staff!!! My son, Jaxon, was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago at the age of five. After multiple medications prescribed, many not so pleasant side effects along with all the failed attempts to get his ADHD under control, I started looking into other alternative ways to get a handle on his behavior! A little hesitant in the beginning but after only two months into treatment, not only do I see a difference in Jaxon, EVERYONE that works with my child on a daily basis can too!!! He went from getting in trouble most everyday ( Not behavioral reasons) for not paying attention, easily distracted and falling behind in school to having the best days ever since Kindergarten!!! Thank you greatly Dr. Ledbetter and staff for not only making this a positive experience but a positive outcome as well!!! Jaxon truly looks forward to coming to see you guys every week and appreciates everthing you are doing to help him succeed in school, home, sports, etc...!!!
- Mikaela

My spinal and disc issues had me where I could not stand for more than 5 minutes at a time. I would have to crawl to get my kids snacks for them. My body shaked and was in sweats all the time from the amount of pain I was in. It was devastating to my once active lifestyle. Doctors wanted to operate and put screws in my back on top of shaving my discs. I had talked to enough people to know that was not the route I wanted to go. I then went to see Dr. Ledbetter. It took months of going to see him and lots of prayer but I am now active again and enjoying my life. I wish I could give him a 10!!! Thank you Dr. Ledbetter!!!

- Brandy

I've had terrible headaches for years. Spinal decompression on my neck has cured them. Now I'm getting decompression on my lower back. The last time I ran a few steps I was reduced to using a walker because the pain and muscle spasms were so bad. I ran about a block a week ago without any problems and I can use a rake and a shovel with no pain for the first time in years. I look forward to my appointments. From the front desk to Dr. Bourdon and Dr. Ledbetter everyone is professional and kind and fun. Love this place.

- Sharron

Dr. Ledbetter and his team are great! Two months ago I could hardly walk without it triggering pain in the lower back and legs. I was facing back surgery for lumbar spine decompression to relieve pain and neuropathy, when I found out about the non-invasive therapy success of patients who had chosen The Spinal Decompression Clinic of Texas. After my first week of therapy, I cancelled surgery and committed myself to 25 treatments with Dr. Ledbetter. Today I'm back on my feet doing the things I love without pain and felling better than I've felt in years! I highly recommend their specialty chiropractic therapy as an alternative to surgery.

- Suzanne

I was so nervous to see a chiropractor because I had never been. However as soon as I walked in the sweet ladies at the front greeted me so kindly and swiftly. When I went back to see Dr. Ledbetter he was very informative and professional. Asked me about everything before he adjusted me. I felt so much better once I was adjusted. He not only treats bone issues, he treats migraines, kids,... Etc. I highly recommend his clinic to anyone who has issues with anything. You're in and out and feel like everyone there really cares. Not just a piece of meat. Love everyone at the Spinal Decompression Clinic.

- Jamie

I started going to The Spinal Decompression Clinic a year ago. I was facing neck surgery plus my neck was in horrible shape. I was having migraine headaches almost every day. I was very frustrated because I couldn't do any house work without unbearable pain. Driving was impossible most of the time. Because turning my neck was almost impossible. Lot of times I couldn't even think straight. Thank God for Dr. Ledbetter and Decompression Clinic. I'm 100% better!! You can't go wrong!! Give It a try!!

- Julie

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